Soft Flooring Trends and Innovative Carpet Display Ideas

June 24, 2021

During 2020 and 2021, families were spending more time together at home than ever before. As a result, some homeowners noticed that their wall-to-wall hard flooring amplified and carried sound throughout the home. For those families who participated in school or work from home, a quieter environment was a priority. Therefore, in the second half […]


Announcing the Opening of Our Online Store!

February 26, 2021

Custom-crafted sample displays and sample boards are central to your ability to provide your customers with an accurate, luxurious experience with each item in your product line. Because your time is precious, Exalt Samples, LLC is proud to announce that our sample board and display online store is now open! We invite you to explore […]


The Best Ways to Display Glass Tile Samples

February 2, 2021

Glass tile samples: How to effectively display this wonderfully sustainable, beautiful, and versatile product. When they are compared to homeowners of years gone by, today’s average remodelers are far more design-savvy. They’ve consumed at least dozens of hours of HGTV, browsed hundreds of photos online, and therefore have a clear idea of the look they’re […]


Board Tips: Designing the Perfect Flooring Sample Display

January 26, 2021

Flooring sample boards are the cornerstone of any flooring retailer’s sales and marketing strategy. They make an immediate statement to customers, while also inviting them to take a closer look at your products. And with the right flooring samples, guiding buyers to high-profit lines becomes easier than ever. What is not so easy is knowing […]


How Physical Samples Give Your Brand the Advantage in a Digital World

October 27, 2020

Distinguishing your brand can make or break your business. Customers are often coming to you with a competitor’s website on their phone, and three different estimates they’ve been given online: so how do you get your customers to engage with you? The answer lies in a comprehensive experience that includes quality in-person samples. Physical samples […]