Soft Flooring Trends and Innovative Carpet Display Ideas

soft flooring trends

During 2020 and 2021, families were spending more time together at home than ever before. As a result, some homeowners noticed that their wall-to-wall hard flooring amplified and carried sound throughout the home. For those families who participated in school or work from home, a quieter environment was a priority. Therefore, in the second half of 2020, soft flooring trends became very popular and carpet gained a larger share of the flooring market than it had experienced in several years.

While carpet may never be as popular as it was during the heyday of wall-to-wall soft flooring, homeowners who explore carpeting options are sure to be impressed with the technological improvements that manufacturers have made in design, fiber composition, tufting, construction, and backing materials.

Advances in Carpet Design

Modern homeowners are focused on maintaining clean, sanitized home environments. While the traditional forms of carpet have made housekeeping more difficult, today’s Microban antimicrobial carpets prevent bacterial growth, resulting in surfaces that are 99% cleaner than untreated fibers.

Additionally, advancements in fiber composition and tufting technologies have made luxury-look carpets far more affordable. Now, homeowners can choose sophisticated materials that serve to elevate their interior design even as they add warmth and comfort underfoot.

Eco-Conscious Fibers

 Consumers, particularly those under age 40, are motivated to select eco-friendly, sustainable flooring materials. These homeowners are likely to respond positively to recycled materials, wool, bamboo, stain-resistant synthetic silk, and highly durable designs that have longer lifespans.

Innovative Carpet Displays

 When customers enter your flooring showroom, it’s essential that you’re able to capture their attention with innovative displays. By showcasing antimicrobial, eco-friendly, luxurious materials in eye-catching ways, you can maximize your ability to sell carpet to today’s homeowner.

Draped Displays

To draw attention to carpets with luxurious drape, consider choosing a display that is similar to a wide, wooden ladder. Select designs you want to highlight and place a generous amount of carpeting over each “rung” of the display.

Rolled Displays

To encourage your customers to interact with carpet samples or rugs, a free-standing rack to support rolled carpets is ideal. Position this rack next to an open area of flooring, or near a large table, and shoppers are likely to unfurl carpets to inspect them.

Interactive Displays

If you want to highlight a carpet’s resistance to stains and liquids, have a sample of colored water available. Demonstrate the validity of the manufacturer’s claims by pouring the liquid onto a sample, then follow up with a few passes with absorbent microfiber. When your customer sees the ease of cleanup with their own eyes, they are more likely to imagine how much easier their day-to-day chores would be should they choose flooring with this technology.

In every display, Exalt Samples wants to assist you with capturing your customer’s interest, sparking a positive emotional response, and nudging them to imagine how their homes would look and feel with each luxurious carpet in your inventory.

We can create any type of carpet display you can imagine. Contact us today and experience our collaborative process!