Announcing the Opening of Our Online Store!

Custom-crafted sample displays and sample boards are central to your ability to provide your customers with an accurate, luxurious experience with each item in your product line. Because your time is precious, Exalt Samples, LLC is proud to announce that our sample board and display online store is now open! We invite you to explore our extensive showroom, then place your order even more quickly and conveniently than before through our online ordering system.

Are your showroom’s sample displays a gleaming representation of your product offerings, or are they worn from several years of handling? In sales, the real key lies in the fine details of every interaction.

Your customers will notice—consciously and subconsciously—whether you are confident and knowledgeable, of course, but they will also be scanning for signals that communicate information about the quality of your materials.

In order to withstand this level of scrutiny, you must partner with a sample manufacturer that offers consistently top-notch products. Exalt Samples has earned our reputation as a premier creator of a wide range of impeccably constructed displays and sample boards.

We guarantee that every sample display and board we make will showcase the beauty of your materials. Whether you want to display glass, stone, roofing tiles, brick, or flooring, Exalt Samples is equipped to produce cradle arrays, waterfall displays, wing racks, and more!

We recommend wing racks to our clients who need displays that support a variety of sample types and sizes. These large, show shopping displays are perfectly suited for central placement on your sales floor.

Waterfall displays are robust, affordable options, best suited for heavy materials like stone, marble, granite, ceramic, and glass. These displays are easier to relocate, making them ideal for any showroom that must be frequently reorganized.

Cradle displays are our most versatile option. Depending on your requirements, we can create cradles for anywhere from individual samples and small arrays up to fully assembled and grouted displays featuring brick or tile, for example.

Did you know?
A majority of our displays are created here in the USA at our Texas plant. Additionally, we have formed partnerships with a network of manufacturers around the world, ensuring that we can create any display or board you request.

If, after browsing our online showroom, you would like to discuss a custom order or adjustment to an offering currently on display, please contact us directly at 972-245-3868 or email us at A knowledgeable, experienced Exalt Samples team member is eager to answer your questions and further detail our extensive capabilities.