How Physical Samples Give Your Brand the Advantage in a Digital World

physical samples

Distinguishing your brand can make or break your business. Customers are often coming to you with a competitor’s website on their phone, and three different estimates they’ve been given online: so how do you get your customers to engage with you? The answer lies in a comprehensive experience that includes quality in-person samples. Physical samples personalize the interaction, foster customer relationships, and encourage premium upgrading.

You can’t replicate the power of sight and touch.

With a sample in your hands you can see accurate colors. The shimmer of glass tile, the grain in wood planks, the speckles in roof shingles. You can differentiate slight color variations, differences in textures, and movement within the flooring material. On a digital product profile, can you really tell the difference between a premium product and a discount product? Simply touching the materials can elevate the sale dramatically.

You’re not at the mercy of your WiFi connection.

No matter how reliable the technology, no equipment or software is one hundred percent fail-safe. Everyone has had the experience of being in a store where the credit card processing machine is ‘down,’ the software is taking time to load, internet is slow, or technology just isn’t working the way it should. You may only have one opportunity with your customer to make the sale. Always have a manual method available to close the transaction.

No training required.

Whether or not your sales reps are technologically savvy is irrelevant when you have high quality, physical samples of building materials at the ready. While it’s important to move forward with the digital times, in the building industry, it’s beneficial to keep one foot in both worlds.

You won’t be dependent on third party apps that charge fees.

Not every small business has the ability to develop and launch a sales and demonstration platform, but any business large or small can order Exalt samples. If you’re part of a franchise or larger corporation, required digital software may be provided by your parent company, but you may still be subject to monthly or annual fees. Your investment in Exalt samples will pay dividends with extended use, while technology is a constant investment.

Exalt samples are fully customizable.

Exalt samples are custom tailored to your business. You only order the materials you sell, whereas with digital systems you often pay for features you don’t need or use. Our samples will reflect your brand, logo, and design, so the customers remember your profile.

You’ll have less returns when customers can see and touch physical samples.

A satisfied customer is your best advertisement. At the end of your job, you don’t want your customer to say their new floor looked better on the app, or their tile wasn’t what they were expecting. Physical samples paired with digital demonstrations give the customer every opportunity to visualize their choices so that they are fully satisfied with their results.