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Our company began in 2004 as Exalt Printing Solutions. Three years after its founding, Exalt Printing Solutions responded to clear market demand by opening a dedicated sample board team.

Quickly, our sample production team recognized the challenges our clients faced as they attempted to convey the beauty and unique design potential of unusual materials. Eager to bridge this communication gap, we began to specialize yet further. Soon, we were crafting stunning, durable samples of nearly any material our clients wanted to share.

After over a decade of success in our partnership with Exalt Printing Solutions, Exalt Samples has become an independent LLC. Today, we serve our clients throughout the nation from our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Dallas, Texas.

Over the years, many aspects of our field have evolved. What hasn’t changed is Exalt’s dedication to keeping our fingers on the pulse of this specialized niche market.

We know you face new challenges: retail, commercial and residential markets and all have different needs. That’s why we, too, have continued to evolve with each passing year, ensuring that our materials are on the crest of modern design aesthetics and materials innovations. Exalt understands the need for materials that meld seamlessly with the nearly constant digital growth in today’s modern world.

When you are working to engage a new client, you want every detail to be perfect. We’ll provide you with market research, so you have a deep understanding of what your client wants to achieve, making it easy for you to craft ideas that turn their vision into reality.

At the critical moment when you arrive to present sample materials to your client, nothing but the best will do. Let us ensure that every merchandising item you present is clearly a cut above the competition.

When the results matter, choose Exalt Samples. Excellence awaits.

Exalt is a leader in the design and manufacturing of marketing merchandise for the building supply industry with a hard-earned reputation of quality, service, and complete customer satisfaction. Whether you need printed items, sample boards, displays, chain sets, architectural folders, grouted panels, etc., we have the expert staff and efficient solutions to meet your needs.

Located in Carrollton, TX, in the Dallas/ Ft. Worth Metropolitan Area, Exalt Samples’ facility is manned by dedicated, highly skilled employees. With a long history working with a wide range of building materials manufacturers, distributors, and retail clients, we feature broad capabilities in handling all types of marketing projects.

It is an important philosophy of Exalt Samples to focus on meeting the needs of our clients. At Exalt, we understand that achieving this goal often requires an ongoing discussion with our customers to ensure high quality products with appropriate specifications are selected to achieve the customer’s desired impact. Exalt Samples strives to deliver high quality products, on time, and at a competitive price.

Your partner from design to production to distribution, Exalt’s team has years of experience in the design and manufacturing of marketing materials. We have state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and a production staff with an average of ten years of experience. Exalt Samples also has established partnerships with suppliers from around the country. When combined, Exalt Samples can provide its clients with a single source supplier of marketing material and display products from the initial design stages through high volume production of the product lifecycle.


We strive to be The Preferred Employer:
Our employees are equipped for success with knowledge, information and tools. Our culture is challenging. We continuously challenge each other to improve both as an individual and a contributor to the efforts of the Exalt team. We work hard but keep life in balance.

We strive to be The Preferred Business Partner:
Our customers, business partners, and suppliers trust us and we never take that for granted. We deliver exceptional services through the leadership, innovation, and knowledge capital of our people. Our customers can depend on us. They know we practice integrity in all of our business dealings.

About Exalt Samples
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Values are those internal emotions and core beliefs that set the tone for how we will act and what motivates us to take action.

Our values help us determine what’s most important to us.

  • Our Team Members are Our Most Important Asset.
  • We are nothing without our Clients.
  • We stand on principle and integrity in everything we do.


Turnkey Services: From Design to Delivery

Exalt offers turnkey services for our merchandising solutions. We’ll work with you to design your materials according to your budget and requirements. Our process includes:

  • Market trend analysis and research
  • Identifying the key traits of your target customer
  • Furthering your influence throughout your niche
  • Creating a list of your concrete marketing goals
  • Offering you an array of concepts to choose from
  • Melding your favorite design elements into a cohesive, sleek product
  • Creating prototypes for you to evaluate
  • Producing the materials and delivering them straight to you
  • Introducing your new marketing strategies and tools to your team
  • Reaching out to you throughout the months that follow to find out business has improved under your new strategies

Exalt Samples strives to refine and improve our process continually. As we work together, we look forward to hearing feedback about your experience. Our goal is to see your business healthy and thriving. Contact us today to find out more about our extensive services.

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