The Best Ways to Display Glass Tile Samples

Glass tile samples

Glass tile samples: How to effectively display this wonderfully sustainable, beautiful, and versatile product.

When they are compared to homeowners of years gone by, today’s average remodelers are far more design-savvy. They’ve consumed at least dozens of hours of HGTV, browsed hundreds of photos online, and therefore have a clear idea of the look they’re after. Homeowners are increasingly in search of timeless, eco-friendly materials that will still look fresh decades from now.

When it comes to tile, few materials are as enduring and limitless as glass. Glass has adorned our architecture for millennia, yet still feels modern. In addition to familiar gleaming geometric shapes and subway tiles, your company may create unique styles that look like stone, gems, woven textiles, or shimmering seashell.

The best way to convey your company’s sumptuous glass tile offerings is through samples mounted in elegant displays.

Exalt Samples can craft samples that show how any type of glass tile will look when it’s grouted, or leave tiles free to catch the light on each free edge.

We know your glass tiles are heavy, valuable, and easily damaged. Our glass tile sample displays are perfectly designed to fully protect your product. Whether your samples are being moved around by sales staff or mounted in a permanent display, you can rest assured that they will be secured appropriately.

Naturally, fired glass will vary at least subtly from tile to tile. When glass tiles are mounted together on a sample board, consumers will be able to appreciate the full affect they’ll be able to achieve by selecting a particular style.

This is doubly true when it comes to styles that are intentionally highly variegated; when only a few tiles are displayed, the impact is decidedly muted. While a full-size display may be as visually arresting as a mural, a handful of tiles may be overlooked by browsers.

We also recommend ordering a large display that shows every available color in a style of tile as a chromatic array. When customers are trying to decide between hues, they’ll love being able to see your full range laid out side-by-side.

Exalt can create small sample tiles that you can ship to your customers. While large displays are ideal in-store, small pieces will give customers a chance to work with pieces in their homes. The light in each room, the surrounding colors, and even the reflectiveness of appliances or countertops may factor into their final choice.

Consider the potential each style may have as you’re envisioning the displays you’d like us to create, and please let us know if we may answer any questions for you. We’re happy to discuss what’s worked best in the past, and what we would like to handcraft for your brand.

Exalt Samples creates every sample board and display here in the USA at our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Texas, so we examine each of them ourselves before we ship them to you. We are dedicated to providing you with top-quality, locally-made products that are sure to make you smile.