Sample Boards

Sample Boards

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About our boards:

Quality starts long before production ever begins. Using high-quality and sustainably sourced MDF, we make sure our sample boards stand up to the wear-and-tear of the showroom traffic. We mount the paper to both sides of the MDF to allow you more flexibility in marketing. If it doesn’t arrive as expected and you’re not satisfied, just let us know! We’ll happily help resolve any problem that you may have with our top-notch customer service team.

What separates Exalt Samples from its competitors?

For starters, Exalt Samples uses a 3/16″ MDF board. This size allows for less weight on your total board while still being able to reasonably hold virtually any material. Next, we use a special proprietary process to mount the paper to our boards and give it a clean finish. This allows almost any glue to be used. Most competing sample board suppliers use a much heavier 1/4″ melamine or painted MDF board. Many of these are also UV-based and work only with special glues that are typically more expensive and time-consuming. We worked backward starting with what our customers needed and designed sample boards around that need. Using boards from Exalt Samples means less expensive glue costs, easier to handle, and better quality samples!

Who are we?

With over a decade of experience, Exalt Samples has helped thousands of companies display their products across the US and North America. An industry leader with an estimated 90% of showrooms currently displaying products made from our facility. Currently working with some of the largest manufacturers and distributors across the country, we want to bring this expertise directly to you! Proudly made in the USA and sustainably sourced.