Marketing Using Physical Samples for Brand Recognition and Identity

When it comes to marketing using physical samples: What statement are yours making about your brand?

The modern consumer is bombarded with advertisements, product placements, social media recommendations, and marketing materials. Across every consumer-driven market sector, businesses must constantly innovate to ensure that their customer base will notice them—and make the decision to purchase their products.

In light of this reality, consider: what do your product samples and showroom displays say about your brand? Your products? Your level of innovation?

The building materials industry is facing a new challenge, as well, because trends are passing more quickly than ever before. While our individual attention spans remain as stable as ever, the cultural attention span for aesthetic preferences is experiencing astounding turnover.

For building materials manufacturers and retailers, this means that remaining on the forefront of interior design trends requires sharp focus and constant action.

Consumers are online, browsing the latest design trends and making notes, long before they arrive at your store. They likely have an idea of what they hope to see, so it’s vital that your retail space greets them with products that are fresh, high-quality, sleek, and eye-catching.

In this way, your sample displays can act as an ambassador for your brand story.

Your brand story should succinctly summarize your brand’s identity, unique fingerprint, strongest values, level of quality, and attention to detail. Your story should speak directly to your target buyers’ desires: your products must be precisely what your buyers are searching for.

Your samples and sample displays are the ideal media to communicate your brand story instantly! Make the most of your retail space by using your sample displays to say:

  • This is our identity.
  • This is what we do.
  • This is who our products are for.
  • This is why we exist.
  • This is why we’re unique.
  • This is what you’ll gain by choosing our products.
  • This is how we’ll improve your life.

In order to be fully effective, your story must be consistent across all mediums. Your website, social media, salesforce, retail space, and advertising must all express a cohesive brand identity.

When your customers are browsing your displays, they should be able to effortlessly imagine how your products will look in their home or business space. They must have an emotional connection to your offerings.

If they do not truly believe they will gain happiness and enrichment by choosing your brand, they won’t be converted.

As an example, imagine you are targeting busy families who are remodeling. Your sample displays will communicate that you are dedicated to offering high-quality, beautiful products that are durable, simple to clean and disinfect, and bring family members together.

The family that chooses your products will have more time and energy to create memories in a stunning, modern, upgraded home. 

On the other hand, if your target market is executive offices, your story will be entirely different from the above example. Instead, your story will communicate your sophisticated, timeless, luxurious products.

Your offerings will create an office that sparks envy and admiration in your competitors and inspire trust and respect in the minds of clientele. 

Exalt Samples understands that your company’s reputation is your lifeblood—because it’s ours as well.

“Our company’s reputation sets us apart from our competition. We exceed our customers’ expectations, create lasting business relationships, and deliver exceptional results. We continue to grow and provide for our employees solely due to our discipline and dedication to our ideals.”

–CEO Jimmy Marta

Reach out to us today to spark a conversation about your brand story. Tell us who you are, and we will create unique displays to help you share your story with your customers.