Using Physical Samples to Land the Sale

Against the modern, highly digital—and therefore intangible—marketing landscape, physical sample materials have a unique impact on buyers. Although many retail sectors have seen customers move toward buying goods sight unseen, building materials manufacturers know this is not the case for us. Most consumers of high-quality building materials must see material samples before they will choose their products. How, then, should building materials manufacturers be using physical samples to land the sale?

Consider what we already know: customers want to review multiple sample pieces, often from several brands, before they determine which material best serves their needs. A remodel or new construction project may be one of the largest secondary investments a homeowner makes. Naturally, they want to be sure they have selected the best quality they can afford in a material they find visually and tactilely appealing.

Whether your company manufactures flooring, tile, roofing, fencing, or siding materials, there are points you may wish to consider before you order new sample displays. We believe that doing so will help you use your samples to capture the attention of buyers within your target market segment—and convert interested consumers almost every time.

Who, What, and How?

Who comprises your target client demographic? When you are choosing your sample displays, it’s necessary to understand who they’re for. Only by creating a sample array that appeals directly to this audience can you spark a connection from amidst the crowded field of competing brands.

What are your target clients’ primary concerns, needs, and wants? For example, parents-to-be who are redoing their home’s flooring in advance of their first child being born may be concerned with safe, low- or no-VOC materials. Their needs will include selecting durable, easy-to-clean materials. They may want a floor that, once installed, also appeals to their aesthetic senses.

When you install a sample display that demonstrates how your product line meets and exceeds their expectations, your customers will be hooked. Whether interacting with your sample display is the first or the last step in the decision-making process, the impact of feeling as though their needs will be met by your product is invaluable.

Brand Consistency

High-quality materials cannot be properly represented by lower-quality sample displays. Indeed, your brand will benefit from maintaining a consistent brand experience across every platform. Your website, social media presence, customer service representatives, salesforce, material quality, warranty, and sample displays should ideally conform to your company’s highest ideals.

We guarantee that our made-in-Texas, top-quality sample display units will give your building materials a beautiful, sleek platform from which to shine. We are committed to working together as a team, with dedication and humility, to deliver on our promise to represent your company’s ideals through our sample displays.

Contact us today, tell us more about your brand, and we’ll share our ideas for your success through samples in 2022 and beyond.