Building Materials Best Suited for Sample Boards

sample boards

The building industry has come a long way in design and material innovation. Sample display boards are a great way to showcase your product and all of its nuances. There are many building materials that are well-suited for Exalt sample boards.

Ceramic Tile

Tile is a popular material for flooring and walls. It stands up to moisture well, it’s sturdy, and will last for decades — but it’s also very heavy and can be a challenge to arrange well for your clients to make their selection(s). Exalt mounts ceramic tile to strong sample boards that you can manipulate more easily to show your customers what you have to offer.


Stone requires physical samples to really sell the quality. A binder of photographs can’t give the same tactile experience of the actual product. Different stone types will vary in texture, ridges, smoothness, or porousness that need to be felt. Seeing the material in photos pales in comparison to touching them on a sample display.


Because there are so many different types of wood available, you’ll need a number of sample boards to be able to display them all. Different tree species, board widths, and finishes can make for an overwhelming amount of choices. Help your customers narrow down their options with well-organized wood flooring sample displays.

Luxury Vinyl Tile

High quality luxury vinyl tile can be a great modern update to any room and provides a wow factor at an affordable price. If you have customers that are concerned about going with vinyl, a binder or a strap set is not going to give the same effect as a sample board. Having the tile in the same place as the stone and wood pieces it is meant to simulate lets the customer compare the differences side-by-side and make an informed decision.


The dimensionality of siding makes them ill-suited for strap sets and binders. If the siding has overlays like shakes or shingles, the customer will want to see the pattern. Horizontal plank siding has overlay, clapboard, beaded, dutch lap options, and more. With so many options, the clear visuals provided by sample boards will help your sales team market effectively.


Shingles perform well on sample boards because customers can more easily compare the different tiles. The subtle color and texture variations show better on a display board. You can also show the shingle size and overlay pattern on a large format board as opposed to a smaller strap set or binder.


Options for decking have evolved a lot over the years. Wood, composite, pvc, and aluminum give the customer more options than ever. You can help them hone in on the right choice by using sample boards to educate on the features and benefits of each material.

Drawer handles and cabinet knobs

Picking out knobs and pulls is one of the more fun aspects of redesigning a space. Since design trends are ever-changing, switching out the hardware is an easy and inexpensive update. Because they sit perpendicular to their surface, sample boards are an ideal display medium. Having them loose in a box or a drawer detracts from customer visualization.