Why Traditional Marketing is a Critical Part of Your Advertising Plan

Traditional marketing is a promotional concept that predates the widespread use of the internet. Television commercials, direct mail, and print ads are all types of traditional marketing that are still thriving today. Of course, building materials marketing is unique, and it’s important to understand how to use traditional marketing methods effectively within your industry.

With that in mind, let’s talk about why traditional promotion is a critical part of any marketing plan and should, therefore, always be included when planning a comprehensive marketing campaign.

Connect Physically With Your Customers

No matter how many photos your customers browse through online or how many glossy mailers you send out to their homes, there is no substitute for the experience of handling building material samples in person.

Get More Out of Your Investment

Digital marketing is highly useful and important, but it does need to be updated and refreshed continually. Search engine algorithms will drop your rankings if you don’t add to your content, and customers will stop engaging with your social media if it isn’t filled with curated content several times each week.

By contrast, your building material samples will look beautiful for years to come. They will also continue to remain effective for their lifespan. Order the perfect sample displays for your business, and your audience will appreciate this tactile presentation each time they encounter your brand.

Physical Sample Displays Prove Your Credibility

Glossy marketing photos are a dime a dozen online, but these images can be highly misleading. Reviews, influencer endorsements, and ad campaigns are all for sale and now serve only to show that a company will spend money on advertising.

When you invest time and resources into creating beautiful, high-quality sample displays, you demonstrate to customers precisely what their purchase will look and feel like once installed. Even if a customer is first drawn to your business through digital marketing, your sample displays will substantiate your claims (and land the sale) in a way no photograph ever could.

Maximize the Impact of Your Retail Space

If you are a building materials retailer, whether for flooring, siding, roofing, tile, or a variety of products, overhead costs for your retail space are substantial. The best way to leverage your retail space is to fill it with good-looking sample displays that show off your products and your branding.

The first impression on your customers will be invariably positive. Once drawn in, shoppers will be invited to linger by displays that are easy to navigate and expertly arranged to present your materials to their best advantage.

Impeccable Sample Displays for Businesses of All Sizes

At Exalt Samples, we manufacture sample displays for distributors, retail spaces, sales teams, contractors, and interior designers to use to present their product range to their clients and customers. To speak with us directly about custom sample displays, contact us today.

We want to know what you need for your business, whether for a large retail space or a salesperson’s trunk. No matter the scale, Exalt Samples manufactures displays that will fit the bill perfectly.