Why Interior Designers are Loving Color and Patterns in Custom Flooring

custom flooring

Starting this year, many high- and mid-range decorators have moved away from the light beige walls and stark white floors that have been the overwhelming force in design for over ten years. Now, interior designers are loving custom flooring with rich colors and art deco-inspired intricate patterns made of rare stone, natural and engineered deep marble, luminous quartz, hand-painted tile, and uniquely stained and painted hardwoods.

For your business, this means that your sample display strategy may be in need of an update.

When your customers enter your sales floor this year, they are less likely to be looking for gray slate, white subway tile, and shiplap siding. Instead, they may be taking the plunge and embracing onyx, rustic breccia, and complex geometric tile designs.

Consequently, your sample displays will capture your customers’ attention when you place materials like these at the forefront of your business. Don’t shy away from unique colors and patterns; now that people have spent months working from home, they’re eager to update their interiors with personalized design.

Similarly, the impracticality of minimalism is clear to many homeowners. Lived-in homes can’t boast completely bare surfaces and ultra pared down design. Perhaps as a direct backlash to the pressure to make their homes look like a Marie Kondo book cover, homeowners are shunning austerity and instead leaning into a full-on maximalism trend.

This is a great opportunity for every business that supplies interior designers, contractors, and homeowners with flooring, countertops, siding, and intricate natural wood! Homeowners are ready to show their personalities in all aspects of their interior design. Expect a demand for visually complex designs, high-contrast color choices, and richly layered, organically inspired textures.

To fully capitalize on this trend of contrasting colors and exciting patterns, Exalt Samples can assist you with designing eye-catching sample displays that draw on art deco themes. From there, we’ll collaborate with you in choosing color stories and product arrangements that will be perfectly on-trend for the interior design forecasts for the upcoming five years.

Consider the following flooring and tile pattern configurations for your sample displays:

  • Boldly contrasting zig-zags
  • Herringbone
  • Stack bond, or grid
  • Soldier (standard and directionally altering)
  • Running bond, or offset rectangular tiles or planks
  • Diagonally offset
  • Basket weave
  • Quarter-turn
  • Hexagon, or honeycomb
  • Variegated staggered color
  • Corridor-style grid
  • Flemish bond
  • Offset
  • Random arrangement

We encourage all business owners who supply flooring, roofing, and fencing materials to recommend that their customers visit the showroom to look at samples in person. It’s nearly impossible to get an accurate idea of how a material will really look on a phone screen or laptop.

Finally, their coming in and speaking with you will allow you to share your expertise with your customers. You will have the opportunity to give helpful advice on preparing for the installation process, discuss which materials are best for a given area within the home, and help them choose between manufacturers.

When you’re ready to order new sample displays to meet the needs of trend-conscious consumers, please reach out to Exalt Samples! We look forward to crafting beautiful, durable displays for your showroom floor.