Why Exalt Samples is the Showroom Marketing Expert You Need

Showroom Marketing Expert

Every customer who enters your showroom encounters your sample displays first. Your choice of sample displays will have a huge impact on your customers’ impression of your company’s quality. Exalt Samples is the showroom marketing expert you need if you want to project your company’s consistently high-caliber standards from moment one.

Exalt Samples will partner with you to ensure that each of your sample displays is crafted with impeccable standards of quality and aesthetically pleasing design. We will work with you directly to create any configuration of sample displays, including waterfalls, cradles, countertop models, and standalone full-color sample boards.

If you would prefer to order from our extensive lineup of in-stock standard-sized displays, we can ship your order within 24 hours. Naturally, custom-created materials require more time, but rest assured that we are dedicated to prompt product delivery for each and every client.

Exalt Samples has an extensive resume in commercial print alongside our expertise in showroom displays. Our synergistic approach yields consistently outstanding results for your every marketing need.

However, we believe our products are only as good as our customer service. We give each of our clients dedicated customer service that includes in-depth knowledge of your industry’s unique needs and concerns. Our understanding of your industry’s regulations allows us to understand precisely how to reach your target clients effectively!

“Our church partners with Exalt Printing for all of our printing needs.  The employees at Exalt are well trained and wonderful to work with.  We receive first-class products each and every time we place an order.  We HIGHLY recommend Exalt!” –From the office of Temple BC

Did you know that Exalt Samples provides turnkey services to manage your marketing materials? We will work within your budget to launch a comprehensive process, including:

  • Listing your concrete marketing targets
  • Researching and analyzing relevant market trends
  • Identifying your company’s target consumers
  • Expanding your sphere of influence
  • Presenting you with a range of design options
  • Incorporating your chosen design elements into a beautiful series of products
  • Producing prototypes for your perusal
  • Incorporating your feedback into impeccable final products
  • Delivering your products directly to you—on time
  • Working with your team as we introduce your brand-new marketing tools and strategies
  • Staying in touch in the months after your new marketing materials launch —we want to know how things are going!

When you choose Exalt Samples, you are guaranteed to work with a team that listens carefully, thinks outside the box, and anticipates your company’s long-term marketing needs. Everything we create for you will be tailored to your exact specifications, which ensures that your customers will recognize your unique dedication to quality and aesthetic excellence.

We encourage you to reach out to speak with us today. Your showroom marketing materials matter. When you choose Exalt Samples, you’re guaranteed excellence, integrity, and outstanding customer care.