Why Architectural Binders are a MUST HAVE Marketing Tool

architectural binders

Product Highlight: Exalt’s Architectural Binders

Every business owner realizes that investing in advertising is necessary for success. While positive chatter about your products is great, relying on word of mouth alone probably won’t garner the results you’re looking for. Traditional marketing methods like print ads, billboards, radio spots, and flyers in the local newspaper can be combined with social media marketing to create a solid base for your advertising plan.

Sometimes, more traditional marketing can feel like you’re shooting arrows in the dark, especially if your business produces specialty or custom products. In the building products industry, your products have to be able to shine in all of your marketing efforts.

When clients visit a design firm, they want to see examples of the materials they’ll be committing to and paying for. A good firm will have a well-organized showroom where they can physically access the materials their clients are interested in. Architects and designers can do your work for you by talking up your products to clients. Exalt’s Architectural Binders make it easy for them to let the client see and feel your materials.

Outer design of your binders is absolutely crucial. Clients will likely first see the spine text. You want it to be clear, readable, and concise. It will need to stand out among others and not be too cluttered with company information. Exalt’s graphic designers use their binder-specific expertise to curate a layout that will attract the buyer’s discerning eye. It needs to be eye-catching, yet modern and appealing. On the binder’s spine, you’re better off having the category of your product as the main text rather than the name of your company.

When planning your binder cover, there is plenty of room for customization. Use your own graphics and photography, or our designers can pull from our stock images. Here is your chance to wow the casual browser. Include a company logo and a minimal amount of information about your company. Consider featuring designations like: Better Business Bureau Accredited, Family-Owned, Fully-Licensed, and “Products Made in the US” on the cover. These strong selling points can distinguish your company from the sea of binders on the designer’s shelf, encouraging the client to open yours first.

Binders are compact and portable, making them perfect for new client in-home presentations. You can easily lay binders on the kitchen table or pass to your client(s) in their living room. If you need to leave a binder with a client while they make their decision, you aren’t burdening them with something unwieldy and hard to use. You can even give them a prepaid padded envelope to send the binder back to you, making their experience even easier and more convenient.

Showcasing your samples in an architectural binder is an impressive marketing strategy. Exalt makes binders customized to your product and your needs. We’ll organize your samples in a logical layout that lets the products be the star.