Top 5 Ways to Get (and Keep) Your Customers’ Attention

strategic use of sample displays

Your sample displays can be more than an informational stand that merely holds your products up for examination. Instead, just like the intricate, colorful displays of male birds grab the eye of passing females, your displays can work actively to attract customers, drawing them in to interact with wares they may have otherwise ignored. Today, we’re sharing top 5 ways to get (and keep) your customers’ attention through strategic use of sample displays.

  1. Use the Science of Color to Your Advantage

Researchers have spent over one hundred years examining why people respond so well to certain colors. There are a multitude of contributing factors, but the takeaways we can implement are as follows:

  • Choose strongly contrasting colors wherever possible. If the lettering in your displays is too similar to the background, i.e. a monochromatic color scheme, your customers are apt to stroll right past.
  • Choose colors that are pleasing to the eye. While this concept is more subjective, it’s wise to choose a color scheme that communicates high quality, elevated aesthetic sensibilities, and an on-trend sense of design.
  • Turn to nature for inspiration. People respond positively to colors that are derived from beautiful natural landscapes, florals, fruits, and intense displays of color (like those observed in tropical birds and fish.)
  1. Hop On the Metallic and Holographic Trends

Not since the 1980s have metallics, foiling, and glittery “holographic” embellishments enjoyed such widespread popularity. Clothing, makeup, nail polish, phone cases, and auto accessories are all excellent sources of inspiration on this fun and youthful trend. If you want Gen Z’s attention, don’t shy away from glam.

  1. Add Luxury Through Embossing and Debossing

Embossed lettering and logos are inevitably assessed as more luxurious when compared to their flat counterparts. Debossed, or recessed, lettering and logos can deliver a pseudo-optical illusion, with shadowing and curves causing passersby to do a double-take.

  1. Engage Your Customers’ Tactile Interest

Catching your customers’ attention is a solid accomplishment but drawing them in to the extent that they are impelled to touch your display is on another level. While people are naturally tactile, social norms dictate that we keep our hands to ourselves while shopping.

You, on the other hand, want your customer base to touch your products! Whether your product line includes carpet, tile, LVP, fencing, or roofing tiles, it’s vital that shoppers experience their quality through their tactile senses.

5. Encourage customers to interact with your products

  • Place interesting textures on eye level.
  • Make sure your sample displays include more than one texture, either by strategic use of matte finishes against glossy, or through the aforementioned embossing and debossing.
  • If you are designing product handouts for your customers to take home, choose thick, textured paper. Embossing adds another layer of sophistication.

For further guidance on which of these strategies will work most cohesively with your brand, please reach out to us directly. At Exalt Samples, we will create any kind of sample display you can imagine, so let your creativity take wing!