Tile Display Racks: Your Best Options from Exalt Samples

tile display racks

Tile sample displays must be made using high-quality, sturdy materials. This is due to the weight and fragility of tile, whether it is made from natural stone, ceramic, or glass. Additionally, manufacturers and retailers of tile are less changeable under the influence of trends as tile is timeless and enduring. At Exalt Samples, we create our sample displays to hold up beautifully over time, making our displays an ideal choice for tile. Let’s go over specific tile display racks: your best options from Exalt Samples.


Binders are small, portable, and ideal for highlighting one or two particular types of tile. A series of binders can be passed around at meetings with clients, displayed side-by-side in a retail space, or easily transported by a salesperson.

Cradle Displays

Cradle displays can hold assembled and grouted sample boards, single tiles, or boards of smaller tiles. Cradle displays can be made to fit on a counter or made tall enough to stand above standard displays for visibility.

Wing Displays

Our wing displays permit the exhibition of a variety of sizes and kinds of tile. Your samples will be set onto sample displays boards, each of which will be mounted into a wing rack, in which the boards are turned like the pages of a book.

Wing racks are visually impressive and are best set against a solid wall of a showroom, because a back-lit effect through a window can make it difficult for a wing display to catch the attention of shoppers.

Due to their size and intricacy, wing displays must be constructed and safely installed by skilled, experienced workers.

Display Boards

Sample display boards are suitable for one or two large tile samples, or a variety of smaller samples. Patterns, such as herringbone and honeycomb, are ideal choices here, because clients will be able to handle display boards easily and examine intricate designs and textures up close.

Waterfall Displays

Waterfall display racks can be crafted with a range of slots to hold either sample display boards or loose ceramic, glass, or stone tiles. Waterfall displays are robust and easy to rearrange, making them ideal for a retail space that experiences frequent product turnover.

Countertop Displays

In a showroom with a small footprint, or one in which a tile manufacturer is being featured as part of a limited introduction, a countertop display can serve to showcase tile without crowding the floor. Cradle displays, waterfall displays, and binders are each natural choices for this prime spot.

Freestanding Tile Displays

Freestanding tile displays are intended to allow customers to view from both sides. These space-saving designs are understated yet effective and may be crafted in a range of sizes.

Sample Mounting

Exalt Samples can also mount your sample tiles once we have created your displays. We will ensure that our mounting work completes the impeccable impression our displays are designed to make on your customers.

Whether a cradle display, freestanding display, wing display, or some combination of these best suits your needs, it is vital that the manufacturer you choose be a reliable one whose products are top quality.  We guarantee that Exalt Samples meets both requirements and will exceed your expectations