Make Your Sample Boards Command Attention with These Industry Tricks

sample boards

Most people have a visceral reaction to tantalizing colors, textures, and patterns. Are you utilizing this information to your business’s full advantage? Exalt Samples can help you attract more of your target consumers with the following industry tricks when creating both your sample boards and large displays.

1. Use Creative Color Combinations

Color theory is a key component to grabbing a buyer’s attention. Rather than placing grey, beige, or taupe tile sample boards at the front of a waterfall display, for example, consider which colors are on-trend, and combine them with contrasting hues or saturated neutrals.

By presenting your clients with a strong color story right away, you’ll influence their perception of your offerings. Consciously or subconsciously, they’ll believe that your stock is designed to include the colors they are looking for.

Even if they, like the majority of homeowners, ultimately choose soft, unobtrusive shades, you will have accomplished your goal of stopping them in their tracks and sparking engagement with your products.

2. Think Oversized and Undersized

If you are eager to direct attention to a specific offering, we recommend that you either create an arresting oversized display, or bite-sized countertop items that your customers can easily pick up—or take home!

Perhaps as a throwback to our hunting and gathering roots, people naturally direct their attention to items that are distinct from their surroundings. In order to harness this urge, pay close attention to every tool available to you when you’re eager to sell a line of new or especially profitable products.

3. Put Irresistible Textures Front and Center

Human beings are tactile creatures. We love to touch things we’re shopping for. Think about how deep-rooted this urge is: when parents or caregivers take children shopping, what’s the top reminder they always have to give? “Don’t touch anything.”

Of course, you do want your clients to give in to their urge to pick up your samples and experience their unique textures and durability. As you select which materials to use as proverbial headliners, take texture into account!

Do you have products that catch the light just so, or feel particularly delightful? Let’s put those offerings out front where your clients will be sure to notice and reach out to touch them.

4. Use Your Logo Effectively

Every tip we’ve discussed today can also be brought to bear when considering your logo, which should be optimally placed on all of your sample materials. Contrasting colors, large lettering, and embossed, debossed, or metallic textures can all draw the eye toward your brand.

If you want your customers to notice your company and remember it weeks from that moment, use what you know about our innate human biology and psychology at every stage of designing your displays in partnership with Exalt Samples. Need help generating good ideas? Set up a consultation with our graphics team today!