As Homeowners Prepare to Remodel in 2023: Are Your Product Sample Displays Ready?

product sample displays

As the housing market approaches a predicted slight dip, GDP is predicted to continue to grow. This, combined with a strong employment rate, means the remodeling activities sector will likely thrive in 2023. After surveying our own customer base, we’re even more confident in this. If you’re a distributor, retailer, or contractor in the building materials industry, we strongly recommend investing in new product sample displays for the wave of clients and customers you’ll serve throughout 2023 and beyond.

Exalt Sample’s Predictions for the Remodeling Market 

The low interest rates of 2021 are long gone, and with them, the likelihood that buyers will sell their current homes to move up in the market.

Instead, we predict that homeowners will spend this period of market chill renovating and improving the home they purchased during easier economic times. Any homeowner who plans to be successful when the next prime selling opportunity arises will use this time to invest in their property.

So, too, will homeowners who could afford a larger home when interest rates were hitting record lows but had to settle for an older home with potential. They will almost certainly be staggering their projects, resulting in continued purchasing power flowing toward your industry.

Competing for Customers

As you know, homeowners today aren’t limited to comparing their homes to those of their friends, family, and neighbors. Instead, the entire internet presents them with eye-popping inspiration for their roofing, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, playrooms, nurseries, garages, and landscaping.

While this motivates them to pursue renovations, remodels, and upgrades, it also makes them savvy buyers who won’t be impressed by material samples that are outdated, repetitive, or poorly presented.

Optimize Your Presentation with Exalt Samples

Of course, it’s up to you to follow building materials trends and purchase the products that will move rapidly in 2023. Once you’ve invested in high-quality, trending, brand-new materials, how are you presenting them to your customer base?

We know you don’t serve your dinner guests gorgeous prime cuts on paper plates. We at Exalt Samples believe that presenting beautiful new building materials on outdated, worn, or mismatched sample displays is equally disappointing. 

Instead, contact us and let us know which materials you’ll present your clients with during the height of remodeling season in 2023. Next, tell us about your display room or how your contractors will share your material samples with clientele.

Finally, we’ll happily walk you through our recommendations for top-quality, eye-catching sample displays. Whether you settle on waterfall displays, countertop models, portable books, or wall-to-wall installations, we are absolutely confident that you’ll be thrilled you decided to invest in gorgeous presentation models.

Nothing less could be worthy of the materials that will be the literal substance of your business in 2023.