Preparing Your (Roofing, Flooring, Tile) Products for Trade Show Season

Trade show expositions are just around the corner and it’s time to start thinking about your booth. As always, the goal is to stand out and make an impression while staying true to your business and the products you provide. Read on for our tips for preparing your products for trade show season.

Create Cohesive Branding

Trade show attendees will encounter dozens, if not hundreds, of company booths—including several of your competitors. The first step toward creating a memorable experience is increasing brand recognition so that attendees remember your business weeks and months after the show ends.

Whether you display your products using waterfall stands, binders, strap sets, or sample boards, your business name and logo should be front and center. Cohesive branding gives show booths a more polished and professional look while creating brand awareness.

Showcase Clutter-Free Visuals

In today’s trade show environment, it’s not enough to tell attendees who you are and what kinds of products you provide. Visuals are key in creating a lasting impression, especially when the difference between your products may be subtle, such as between alder and walnut flooring or wood shingles and cedar shakes.

That said, you don’t want to create an overstimulating experience. Using the right display boards and stands will make it easy for attendees to examine your products and their differences without the stress of visual clutter.

Provide a Tactile Experience

Marketing experts are calling for brands to embrace experiential marketing to grab the modern consumer’s attention. This may involve flashy technology and games if that’s your thing, but it can also include a simple yet impactful tactile experience.

Contractors and homeowners alike understand that when it comes to finding the perfect building material, it’s about more than just looks. Displays of building materials like bathroom tiles or kitchen hardware let trade show attendees experience your products’ texture, weight, and quality firsthand.

Bring a Variety of Samples

People attend trade shows because they’re looking for variety. They want to know what’s available to them at a number of price points, in various sizes and colors, and from different manufacturers.

It may be tempting to bring samples of your best sellers or top-tier materials only, but trade shows are the perfect opportunity to showcase your wide range of products. Sample boards, binders, and waterfall stands in customizable sizes make it easy to display dozens of products.

Work with the Space You Have

The typical booth at a trade show is 10 feet by 10 feet. When you’re creating displays to bring to your booth, it’s crucial that you factor in portability and size. Exalt crafts displays that will sit well on tables to provide easy access and handling.

At Exalt Samples, we take your products as seriously as we take our own. That’s why we create the industry’s highest-quality sample boards and displays. Contact our display experts today to start preparing your products for the upcoming show season.