Portable Shingle Architectural Folders: A Roofing Business Must-Have

roofing businessBuilding material samples and displays are excellent visual merchandising tools to help you “win the moment” by turning a consultation into a sale. If you own a roofing business or sell roofing materials, you can understand the value of high-quality samples. Detailed samples can provide key visuals your clients can use to envision your products in their homes. This experiential introduction to your brand can establish a meaningful connection to your business or your services, making you the stand-out company in the minds of potential clients.

Exalt Samples understands the needs of our clients—and yours! Home renovation customers expect construction and renovation experts to come directly onto their property to assess the existing structure, take measurements, and make customized suggestions. Being able to provide samples during these consultations can help you highlight the best materials you have to offer for your client’s budget and requirements. Sample boards, books, and folders can provide valuable information to your clients in easily digestible, visually appealing ways. For this reason, sample portability is crucial to the effectiveness of your brand’s marketing strategy.

As a roofing company or a roofing material distributor, your marketing strategy could benefit significantly from our compact and portable sample options. Here are some major reasons to consider working with Exalt Samples to customize your on-the-ground marketing tools.

1. We understand buyers.

We work with a true understanding of the decision-making process that goes into selecting building materials across the home construction and renovation industry. Understanding that process influences our designs and how we feature your materials. We know that roofing material buyers—including homeowners—want to see products before making the big purchase. In the search for quality items, they will have many questions. Our portable sample and display materials are artfully designed to answer some of those big questions. In displaying the full range of product features, benefits, and aesthetic qualities, you can more efficiently declare your brand and showcase your products.

2. We can customize our strategies to your brand.

Exalt will fully integrate our sample materials into your larger marketing strategy. We collaborate with roofing clients to understand what tools would best serve their business in the field. We aim to provide your sales or marketing teams with tools to make your brand memorable during a site visit, on your showroom floor, or anywhere you are showcasing materials. We can customize our portable boards and shingle folders to accommodate the design features you most want to show off. We design high-quality materials that draw potential buyers in and highlight what your brand offers.

3. We have industry knowledge.

At Exalt Samples, we work with business owners and contractors across the construction and renovation industry. We apply in-depth industry knowledge and keen attention to detail to produce high-quality roofing sample materials for all roofing materials—asphalt, ceramic, slate, metal, etc. It can be challenging for industry experts to convey the quality of their roofing materials to the average person. Our sample boards, folders, and other materials can help roofing experts more effectively merchandise their products across residential and commercial markets. Our roofing sample boards will let the excellent value of your products speak for themselves.

Exalt Samples can collaborate to help your marketing budget go further. We offer portable sample options like travel sample boards, cards, architectural folders, or binders, as well as more extensive displays to help your customers navigate your showroom. We have solutions to your sample material needs!