Minimalist Sample Display Designs Keep the Focus on Your Product

Chances are, the vast majority of building professionals and DIYers across the country have shopped for materials on displays crafted by Exalt Samples. We’d bet nearly all of them did so without taking any notice of the displays themselves, though—which is entirely by design. Our minimalist sample display designs keep the focus on your product line, enhancing through quality builds and sleek finishes without introducing competing textures, colors, or patterns.

Your building materials are beautiful, high-quality products that deserve to command attention. Your ideal sample display no doubt places your product offerings in the spotlight without adding details that risk overwhelming or distracting shoppers.

Our minimalist displays are ideal for this purpose. We have experienced that they are especially well suited for showcasing products like: tiles with complex patterns, beautiful natural stone, textured roofing tiles, intricate pavers, richly hued hardwood or manufactured wood, and brightly colored glass.

Our sample displays are used in stores of a variety of sizes throughout the country – they’re perfect for boutique stores with limited retail space. The lack of unnecessary bulk in our displays allows store owners like you to arrange the floor in a way that maximizes the materials available without creating a cramped, cluttered space.

In fact, we manufacture a range of displays that are so minimalist that they are hardly visible from the customer’s perspective. We can make your materials nearly float before their eyes, allowing light from surrounding sources to illuminate the gorgeous color and lustrous finish of your products.

If you prefer displays that are a bit more visually substantial, we offer an additional range of displays that will cradle your materials in sleek, clean luxury—but just enough to enhance the appeal of your materials.

We believe that minimalist displays do not have to be boring or predictable. The layouts and arrangements of your materials on Exalt Samples displays will capture your customers’ attention, but not because they’re focused on our work. Exalt’s success lies in the sales increases you’ll experience once your made-in-the-USA displays are installed and populated with your products.

Our best-selling minimalist sample displays are the following 5 modern classic designs:

Our gallery is likewise a great place to start if you’re considering collaborating with us on customized displays for your product range or retail sales floor. Please contact us to discuss your products, your ideas for custom displays, or to place an order for one of our best-selling slot, waterfall, or cradle designs. We look forward to giving your product line the best displays from which to shine.