Large vs Small Flooring Samples: Which is Best for Your Showroom?

large vs small flooring samples

Your business’s flooring sample displays are the most vital component of your showroom. They broadcast your company’s commitment to quality, aesthetics, and selection array, all while inviting your customers to take a closer look at your products. Still, you have decisions to make when you order beautiful new sample boards, including whether it’s important to order large vs small flooring samples.

So, let’s discuss this in greater detail.

First, your showroom only has so much space to dedicate to your sample displays. It might seem prudent to order smaller samples; you’ll be able to fit more flooring samples if you do, right?

While this is true, in so doing, you will be sacrificing on the very elements that create the most impact for a customer who is perusing your flooring samples for their home remodeling or customization of new construction. The smaller the piece of flooring used for a sample, the less realistically representative of the actual final product it will be.

  1. Weight

Customers associate the perceived weight of wood flooring with higher quality. A sample the size of a postage stamp will never have a luxurious weight, irrespective of the density of the wood it represents.

Larger flooring samples, when handled, do demonstrate the heft and density a buyer can expect from the product they’re inspecting.

  1. Composition

Hardwood flooring samples allow you to show your customers the precise composition and construction of the floor in question. Customers often are drawn in by the decorative surface of the wood, but arguably the cross-section view of a wood sample can be just as important—for example, when you are discussing the benefits of wood over luxury vinyl plank.

A larger sample will make such a comparison simple, while a tiny sample may leave a customer less than impressed by the comparison.

  1. Appearance

When light catches high-quality hardwood, it brings out a deep, lustrous glow. When your customer sees your gleaming sample displays, they will instantly imagine that beauty enhancing their own home.

Additionally, wood offers homeowners unparalleled options for styles, colors, textures, and patterns.

Again, though, the full impact of these benefits will be missed by your customer if you only stock very small samples of your hardwood offerings.

  1. Feel

We’ve found that homeowners can be quite surprised by the difference they can discern when they touch hardwood flooring alongside luxury vinyl and manufactured wood.

Within the realm of wood flooring, bamboo feels drastically different from oak and walnut, and hickory may seem like overkill until a customer feels how sturdy it is firsthand. Large samples will best demonstrate the tactile experience of your product range.

At Exalt Samples, we believe it’s our duty to exceed your expectations. Our goal is to forge strong relationships with your business. Only by supporting your success can we grow our own operation and secure great jobs for our great employees.

When you’re ready to begin designing your flooring samples, please contact us. We look forward to creating impeccable products for you.