How to Get the Most out of Trade Show Season, Part 2

Last month, we discussed the value of early-bird registration, upgraded branding, measurable goals, and curated product displays. As building and remodeling trade shows continue, we have more great industry tips to make the most out of trade show season.

Pick Your Promotions

Trade shows aren’t just appealing to attendees because they offer exposure to a wide variety of contractors and brands. They’re largely appealing because they’re often great places to secure discounts and early access to new and cutting-edge products.

Your trade show promotions should align with your measurable goals. For example, if you want to increase sales for one of your higher-priced shingles, offer a reasonable discount to anyone that will close the deal on-site. If you want to expand your leads, include a unique promo code in your welcome email to anyone who joins your email list on the spot.

Create a Marketing Strategy

Trade show organizers will put out marketing materials to advertise the date and location of the event, but you can’t rely on their marketing alone. Attendees are inundated with dozens (or even hundreds) of booths, and pre-show marketing can encourage them to seek you out in the crowd. Use a combination of print, email, and digital marketing to advertise your attendance and what trade show-exclusive deals you’ll be offering.

Plan your post-show marketing, as well. When you’ve secured new leads, it’s important to keep them on the hook. Prepare email and direct mail campaigns in advance, segmenting your audience into homeowners, independent contractors, and industry professionals to ensure your messaging is personal and relevant.

Plan and Design Displays

If you followed along with our previous guide, you’ve already curated the batch of products you want to display at your booth. Now, it’s time to plan and design eye-catching displays that are easy to browse.

Consider using tabletop displays like binders, waterfall stands, and boards. You want attendees to interact with your product samples, and that means your booth needs to have space to move around. Our customizable sample display materials are sleek and professional, easy to handle, and perfect for trade show booths of all sizes.

Practice Your Presentations

Trade shows provide a unique opportunity to show your products and services in action. These shows are the pinnacle of experiential marketing, a practice that engages potential customers in a tangible and memorable way. Once you have your promotions and displays mapped out, it’s time to come up with creative ways to present them. For example, you might choose to demonstrate the waterproofing on your latest vinyl flooring or the strength of your cabinetry hardware. Practice your presentations in advance so you know what to say, which products to interact with, and how to avoid unwanted results.

At Exalt Samples, we understand the value of trade shows for our roofing, flooring, and home renovation clients. Contact us to start creating the custom display materials that will help your products steal the show.