High Quality Strap Sets: Make Showcasing Your Brand Portable

high quality strap sets

Exalt Samples is your premier source for high-quality strap sets that are made in the USA. Our strap sets are perfect for luxury flooring samples; they are light and compact, thus ensuring that your clients can easily enjoy a side-by-side product comparison. Nothing compares to an up-close experience of the depth of color, tonal differences, and types of finishes between each of your offerings. Make showcasing your brand portable this year by ordering a complete array of your stunning flooring materials.

While vinyl flooring has long since been an acceptable choice in kitchens and bathrooms, consumers may not be aware of recent innovations flooring manufacturers like yours have made. Since you’ve achieved textures, colors, patterns, and layered materials that perfectly mimic hardwood flooring, luxury vinyl planks are now suitable for wall-to-wall applications for a great many households.

In order to convey the truly impressive array of flooring types you offer, we suggest you order one of our lightweight, beautiful strap sets. We’ll arrange your flooring samples in the precise order you prefer, which will allow you to convey your range in a fully custom way.

Your clients will feel the samples as they leaf through them, which guarantees that they will gain a tactile understanding of exactly how much their home’s new floors will look and feel like real hardwood. As you know, today it takes a flooring expert to be able to determine whether a floor is hardwood or luxury vinyl plank, and nothing conveys this reality as well as a close encounter.

Finally, you’ll be able to customize your strap sets by selecting your closure type, handle, and choice of cover. Your brand’s image will be present from cover to final flooring sample! We’ll create a prototype for you to handle yourself before we begin manufacturing your order. If you have any changes you’d like to make, simply let us know. We guarantee you’ll be delighted when you receive your strap sets. Your ability to display your flooring options in a polished, cohesive, and comprehensive set will communicate the beauty and durability your clients will enjoy when they have their new floors installed.

Whether you require business-to-business or business-to-consumer materials, we are able to manufacture strap sets to suit your needs. We produce our materials exclusively in the United States, right here in our Texas plant. In our relentless pursuit of unparalleled quality, we have invested in the market’s best cutting equipment, gluing stations, and presentation routers.

Should you have any questions about our plant’s capabilities and quality commitments, please contact us directly. We are always happy to connect with our clients to share our passion for crafting the best-quality sample materials available.