Helping Your Client Select the Right Roofing Shingles

When a client comes to you looking for new roofing materials, they expect more than just a fair price. Property owners want to partner with a roofing contractor who provides great customer service and all the right information to make an informed choice. Here at Exalt Samples, we understand the power of high-quality samples and the displays to show them off. Here are some of the ways that you can guide clients to the perfect roofing shingles.

Tangible Roofing Shingle Samples

In the digital age, many roofing contractors have steered away from tangible samples and toward virtual viewers. The problem is that a photo or digital rendering can’t replace the real thing. Two-dimensional images don’t reveal texture or the way that shingle colors can shift under different lighting.

When clients request a consultation or visit your showroom, provide them with tangible roofing shingle samples to look at and handle. This tactile experience makes it easy for clients to understand the difference between materials like asphalt and slate and allows them to weigh in on factors such as durability and quality.

Color Comparison

How you display your roofing shingle samples is almost as important as the quality of the samples themselves. Because each client will have their own priorities, it’s useful to have a few sample boards or waterfall displays that allow for different comparisons. An important variation is color, which any roofer knows makes the biggest visual impact of all.

Imagine, for example, that your client knows they want asphalt shingles for the price, but they don’t know if they want a grey finish or a black finish. Having a sample board or 10 slot waterfall display showing a gradient of all grey and black options will help your client see the subtle but impactful difference between each shade.

Price vs. Quality

If there’s one thing every client will want to talk about, it’s cost. When you’re helping clients evaluate their budget and what they can get for it, it’s helpful to show them displays that compare roof shingles at different price points.

Many clients are surprised to discover that a bigger price tag doesn’t always equate to longer durability. Alternatively, they may want to invest in asphalt for the price without realizing that something a bit more expensive, like slate, has a longer lifespan and can yield savings in the long run. Displaying different materials and price points together allows clients to evaluate aesthetic and tactile differences while discussing costs.

Portable Displays

Offering at-home consultations is a great way to offer convenience and flexibility to your clients. Portable displays allow clients to view different roofing shingles against their property’s paint, trim colors, and architectural style. The more clarity you can offer, the happier your clients will be.

Whether you’re looking for waterfall displays, sample boards, or sample binders, Exalt Samples is here to help. Together, we can create custom roofing shingle displays to make every consultation a breeze.