Flooring Sample Display Tips

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Sample Display Tips for Flooring Showrooms

A home’s flooring is central to the success of an interior design strategy, and buyers today have more options to consider than ever before. Because flooring must be seen first-hand before buyers can make an informed decision, high-quality samples are essential to not only secure a sale but also to reduce the likelihood of returned materials.

Flooring sample displays are most effective when they allow a buyer to grasp the full impact the materials will make once installed. For this reason, Exalt Samples encourages our clients to order larger-scale sample boards. Hardwood flooring, cork flooring, luxury vinyl plank, and bamboo are consistently the most popular flooring choices year after year. Their shared feature with respect to sample displays is that several pieces, or at least one large segment, are required to make their characteristics pop.

An aesthetically pleasing sample display must be arranged thoughtfully, with similar options placed alongside each other. This will help buyers determine which choice is best for their needs without necessitating their flipping back and forth between multiple sample boards. Your goal is an informed, confident buyer, and Exalt Samples creates our products to help you make it happen.

If you have been relying on your website’s photos of your products to close deals, you may be sending clients straight over to sellers who have samples available for in-person examination. Online, photos of flooring tend to blur together, and the unique qualities of one type of carpet, tile, linoleum, hardwood, or LVP are nearly indistinguishable from the sea of other options.

Excellent sample displays should be one of your core strategies to set yourself apart from your digital competitors. Invite interactive buying by allowing us to design boards on which your flooring samples are arranged so that they are not overcrowded, but instead preserve an ideal ratio of negative space to products. For your buyer to feel informed but not overwhelmed, you want them to feel invited to touch the samples, examine the textures revealed by the light as it hits them, and appreciate the extent to which your products will elevate their home, business, or large-scale construction endeavor.

We have all made purchases online that have been utterly disappointing. We’ve been lied to by photos and fake reviews and left holding an item that bears little resemblance to the one advertised. Your customer knows how easy it is to fall for these tactics, too.

So what will happen if your buyer decides to see what their flooring options online are after they’ve already enjoyed an in-person interaction with your products? They’ll be reading reviews, peering closely at photos, and they’ll have to ask themselves whether or not they’re about to make a huge purchase that will be a waste of time as well as money.

Buying flooring that does not live up to their expectations, match the colors shown on their screen, or bear any similarity to a brand’s photos could set their remodeling or construction back by weeks. Does your customer want to risk it? Or will they decide to return to the beautiful samples you have been able to offer?

Your customer can avoid spending hours browsing online, days or weeks spent waiting for delivery, and the potential hassle of a return by choosing to patronize your brick-and-mortar storefront. Your flooring sample display range will be an enduring, effective, and engaging sales and marketing tool, no matter the size and scale of your business.

Manufacturers, you can boost your sales by providing your retail partners with flooring sample boards for sales teams to share with shoppers. No matter the type of flooring you create, our beautiful sample boards will make it easy for sellers to engage customers with your products.

Do you need flooring sample displays, sample boards, or flooring sample binders? Contact us today, and we’ll begin the process of designing and creating beautiful, fully customized pieces for your company.