Eye Catching Displays for Hard Flooring and Accent Rugs

displays for hard flooring

There’s no question that hard flooring materials are continuing to dominate the market, edging out carpet year by year. The durability and minimalism of hardwood and tile flooring makes it consistently desirable. We’ve continued to see demand for displays for hard flooring.

With more people working from home last year and this year, there was a noticeable uptick in home renovation projects. However, as many people were dealing with some new financial restrictions, most homeowners chose to stick with their current hard floors and do smaller projects to liven up their living spaces.

While an all-neutral home design scheme was innovative fifteen years ago and still reigns supreme overall, more color and textural variety are now breathing new life into homes everywhere.

For customers who have decided to take on smaller home renovation projects to add some vibrance into their living spaces, area rugs throughout an otherwise hard-surfaced home can be a great solution. If you have a customer who is torn between the durability of hardwood flooring and the comfort of carpeting, help them see that hard floor as a base for accent rugs throughout their home is the perfect solution.

While some homeowners, especially those working from home, will choose to carpet their home offices and guest rooms, the popular products for stairs, hallways, master bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms and kitchens remain hard flooring options.

If your retail space has been responsive to customer demand in the last 15 years, you have given priority to hard flooring materials, and that still remains a solid plan. If you have seen a significant increase in customers interested in combining hardwood or tile flooring with carpeting or area rugs, you may consider dedicating a small section of your showroom to soft flooring selections.

Whether you are sticking with hard flooring only or combining your offerings, there are several strategic ways to ensure the products you do have are displayed perfectly.

  1. Pedestal Displays

Pedestal Displays are great for giving your customers the opportunity to view offerings from a variety of manufacturers without your having to devote a lot of floor space. This works especially well if you want to present a curated selection of high-end carpets alongside your more commonly sold hardwood options.

  1. Slot/Cradle Displays

This eye-catching format allows you to display a myriad of different product types. Check out our online store for some ready-made examples!

  1. Waterfall Displays

Waterfall Displays are a showroom favorite and by far one of our most popular sample displays. This display format is great for tile and wood flooring as well as carpet sample board displays. Its attractive and unique style allows your product varieties to shine.

  1. Binder Displays

Binders are a long-time customer favorite. They allow your sales team to easily transport a number of product samples to and from customer homes so that your customer can make their selections in total comfort. This also means that the product can be viewed in the setting/lighting/color scheme that they’re intended for.

Exalt Samples is equipped to create any type of sample display you can imagine. We specialize in hard flooring sample boards and displays, and we love customizing and getting creative with our clients. Reach out to us with your customization needs today.