In Focus: Eco-Friendly Flooring Samples

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Home construction and interior design are increasingly trending toward eco-friendly materials and practices. Homeowners think long-term and are generally invested in doing their best to preserve our planet’s environment. Thus, a focus on eco-friendly flooring samples is a wise move for flooring manufacturers and retailers.

Homeowners are also concerned with the quality of the air within their homes. Low or zero VOC materials are best marketed with this in mind, and salespeople may benefit from being trained to share insights into the benefits inherent in choosing these materials.

The following eco-friendly flooring materials are among the most popular options and can be showcased as such in central sample displays and portable flooring sample strap sets and boards.

Sustainably Harvested Hardwood

Traditional hardwood floors are still one of the most popular choices for homeowners of all ages. Wood is beautiful, biodegradable, and is healthy for homeowners (provided the stain is chosen mindfully). While wood is a natural product that is infinitely renewable, it’s vital that old-growth forests aren’t damaged or destroyed by indiscriminate harvesting.

By showcasing hardwood that is harvested from forests certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, you can reassure customers that they can have their hardwood flooring guilt-free.


Cork is harvested from the bark of the cork oak tree, which means the tree is not chopped down to produce cork floors. Cork flooring has gained popularity due to its insulation properties, resistance to pests, natural mold resistance, and its visual appeal.

Your cork flooring sample display can demonstrate that paints and stains can transform cork to perfectly enhance any design plan.


Bamboo flooring has seen a meteoric rise in popularity in the US over the past fifteen years. Consumers may think of bamboo as a type of hardwood, though it’s more accurately classified as a tropical grass.

Homeowners who are concerned about the decades-long renewal cycle of hardwood trees may prefer bamboo, which is fully replenished within no more than 5 years. Additionally, families with children or large dogs can be sold on bamboo that has been manufactured with processes that render flooring an impressive Janka hardness rating of almost 3000. This makes it more durable than hickory or rock maple, which are among the most durable of hardwoods.

Your bamboo flooring display can highlight the low-VOC stains and sealers that suit any interior design style.

Wool Carpet
Carpet was the default flooring material for decades, though homeowners are beginning to shy away from petroleum-based carpets. A better option is wool, which is sustainably produced, anti-microbial, stain-resistant, beautiful, and easily dyed in any color.Your wool carpet displays can showcase carpets manufactured from sustainably raised sheep, and demonstrate the gorgeous textures and colors achievable with wool.

Natural Stone

Stone is continually renewed by the planet’s ongoing tectonic movements. When mined sustainably, natural stone is not harmful to the environment. If it is ever replaced, stone flooring can be easily recycled for other uses, including landscaping the home from which it is removed.

Your stone displays may focus on the array of stone available, including the textural and chromatic variance achievable through manufacturing processes.

Recycled Glass Tile

Glass waste can be reclaimed and transformed into glass tile flooring. Consumers who want to avoid using any type of newly manufactured materials may be drawn to this infinitely-recyclable choice, especially once they observe the impressive beauty of the final product. Glass resists both mold and mildew, and emits no VOC, making it a clearly healthy material for flooring.

Your glass tile displays can highlight the non-slip textures available as well as the light-reflective and attractive results of glass tile flooring.

Don’t miss out on the growing segment of homeowners who are choosing eco-friendly materials for their construction and renovation needs. Exalt Samples will create beautiful, custom flooring sample displays for your retail space. Contact us today, and we’ll be happy to speak with you about your company’s flooring display needs.