Enhance Your Brand’s Image with Eye Catching Sample Building Materials

sample building materials

So much goes into building your company brand. You spend time and money to develop your online presence, logo, marketing, community outreach, employee training, and professional reputation. When it comes to the materials you’re using, you can use them to shine a light on your brand identity. Having an up-to-date sample building materials portfolio can set your company apart from the competition and distinguish you as the market leader.

Showroom Samples

Your showroom needs to be a stunner. Ikea doesn’t send you directly to their warehouse with towering shelves of cardboard boxes and drawings of their furniture. Customers first spend hours browsing their endless showroom, seeing the products in use, well-furnished, and with good lighting. Most businesses don’t have the square footage of Ikea, but the business model is a good one. Let your customers sample your products. Your customers are traveling from shop to shop—make yours the last one they stop at. A well-organized inviting showroom with low-pressure sales lets your customers feel at home so they can do their research and feel informed.

In-Home Samples

No matter how good your sales team is, you aren’t providing them the support they need if you don’t have quality materials for their presentations. If your samples are older, in poor condition, or not well-displayed, your customers will notice. They will logically conclude that if your samples are shoddy, your workmanship will be as well.

The perfect sample display sells your product for you. For in home sales, your customers can hold up roofing materials to their siding to see if it matches. They can feel the difference between vinyl plank and hardwood before they decide on flooring. They can see if the light in their bathroom is a good fit for that tile. Having great sample collections in the home where they will be used is a huge advantage for sales.

Creating the Perfect Complement to Your Brand

Exalt Samples is the perfect partner to develop and enhance your brand. Our graphics team can work with your existing design suite or help you create a new look. We’ll customize your sample displays to your company, so you can be assured that your competition’s collection won’t look the same.

How do you want your brand to be known in your area? Do you want to be on the cutting edge of the latest trends? Do you want to be the company with the best prices? The best customer service? The most knowledgeable sales team? The best quality? Before we make your samples, we have extensive market knowledge to advise on what sells and what doesn’t. We’ll make recommendations on what type of sample displays will most enhance your brand and drive growth.

Exalt will be with you every step of the way – whether you’re establishing an identity for a new business or expanding/reinventing an existing company. Give us a call at 972-245-3868 or send us a message to get started on your customized experience.