Displaying Stone and Pavers with Exalt Samples

displaying stone

If your company sells stone and pavers, Exalt Samples, LLC can create attractive, interactive, eye-catching displays to fully illustrate the texture, depth, beauty, and versatility of each material you offer. When it comes to displaying stone and pavers, as well as delicate edging and mosaic compositions, we are excited to share our capabilities with you.

We create displays in a wide range of styles. For each product you offer, you’ll select from grouted, fitted, and free-standing composites. Alternatively, we can manufacture petite panels that feature only one stone or paver per unit. Such displays are ideal for placing at waist-height where customers will benefit from the ability to easily examine each item.

Waterfall displays, by contrast, are striking and robust. Available in a variety of heights and sizes, waterfall displays tend to be quite effective at snagging a shopper’s attention, making them ideal for products you prefer to highlight.

Exalt Samples offers sample boards featuring ergonomic and sturdy handle cutouts, ensuring that customers can more easily lift and handle heavy items like stone and pavers. By including handles, you will likely experience far fewer drops, thus reducing damage to your sample displays over time.

We recommend displaying branding across both the top and bottom of your displays. In our experience, bold branding cements the name of a particular product into a shopper’s mind. Additionally, customers can easily glance across the sales floor and make note of the name of a particular line of products. This easy reference point will facilitate clear and swift interactions between your sales staff and your patrons.

In certain cases, it may be preferable to skip sample boards composed of physical materials, instead opting for boards or binders that display available stone and pavers through photographs. These light, glossy display options are easy to interact with, ideal for shoppers who prefer effortless browsing.

Exalt Samples also offers sample displays that feature both physical sample pieces and photographs of high-end completed installations. This assists shoppers in envisioning what a full floor, driveway, garden path, or sidewalk would look like.

To showcase stone and pavers in a variety of shapes, sizes, and edge types, consider partnering with us to design a sample board that displays the versatility offered by each material! We recommend composite boards featuring a large tile and smaller mosaics. These can be completed with a photo of a completed installation, as well.

Exalt Samples creates sturdy displays using CARB2-Compliant MDF that can be fully customized with your branding, logo, artwork, and any product information.

Above all, we want you to dream big. We are immensely proud of our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility here in Texas, but we have also partnered with other manufacturing plants around the world. We have merely scratched the surface of our offerings, which is why we’re confident that we have the capability to produce any type of display you’ve envisioned.