Design Tips for Sample Boards for Accessories

Few things in the kitchen are touched as repeatedly and regularly as drawer pulls and cabinet knobs. In the bathroom, buttons, hooks, and handles are standout high touch points. Given this reality, we at Exalt Samples encourage manufacturers and retailers of kitchen and bathroom hardware to create custom sample boards for accessories to display your full line of products.

The quickest way to ensure that a shopper falls in love with an accessory like a drawer pull, cabinet knob, or handle is to present it to them in person. When your accessories are displayed in an aesthetically pleasing arrangement that compares each item to a slightly different option, your customer will be able to confidently choose their favorite items in order to make a quick purchase.

Conversely, photos of your product range are hardly more engaging than any standard website, and will often send your potential customer back to their computer to place an order online. In order to set your products apart from the endless options online, tangible pieces arranged strategically make good business sense.

Furthermore, our sample boards for accessories will invite your customers to interact with your product range. We don’t crowd as many items as possible on each sample board. Instead, we leave just the right amount of negative space. This careful arrangement leaves room for your customers to reach out and feel knobs, take hold of handles, and tuck a finger into the curve of a sturdy hook. Ultimately, they will be impressed by the luxurious finishes, heavy feel, and seamless machining of each item.

Imagine, though, that a client does choose to go back online once they have had this up-close interaction with your product line. As they view a variety of brands’ product photos, they’ll have to wonder: will this item be as impressive as those I just felt? Or do they merely look good online?

We’ve all been disappointed by products we’ve purchased online. Photos can be deceiving, quality can be highly variable, and reviews can be purchased for almost nothing. Your customer knows this, and will not want to deal with the hassle of browsing dozens of websites, placing their order, and waiting for delivery only to receive hardware that pales in comparison to your own offerings.

We can only surmise that your customer will pause, envisioning this outcome, and return instead to your brick-and-mortar storefront. If not, however, they likely will once the aforementioned online order arrives!

You can have full confidence that your accessories sample board range will be an effective, engaging marketing and sales tool for any size retail environment. If you’re a manufacturer, make sure your retail partners are each provided sample boards to show shoppers who are interested in drawer pulls, cabinet knobs, hooks, handles, or buttons. Sales staff members will enjoy the ease with which they are able to use your sample boards to close a transaction, and shoppers will be pleased to have such beautiful, useful arrays from which to choose their new hardware.

Do you need sample accessory boards? Contact us today, and we’ll begin the process of designing and creating custom pieces for your company.