Custom Print Advertising by Exalt Samples

custom print advertising

Exalt Samples is your one-stop-shop for all of your custom print advertising needs. We offer competitive pricing on our entire lineup of advertising materials.

Commercial & Digital Print

Exalt Samples specializes in full-service, customized commercial printing. Whatever your marketing needs, we will deliver beautiful materials with rapid turnaround times. Our goal is to help your business capture your customer’s attention with outstanding custom advertising created to your exact specifications. You can count on Exalt to make sure you stand out!

We offer efficient offset printing for large batch orders, digital press printing for smaller requests, and flatbed printing for your paper, paperboard, plastic, ceramic, glass, film, cloth, and fiber printing needs. Flatbed printing is ideal for retail and event signage, t-shirt logo printing, and bespoke tile designs.

Our expansive range of printed advertising materials includes:

  • Labels

We can produce labels in any size, finish, shape, design, and level of adhesive strength. Once we have your specifications on file, we can reproduce as many of your custom labels as you require.

COMING SOON: Keep an eye out for our online label depot, where you will be able to log in and place a label order right here on our website.

  • Business Forms and Supplies

Your business forms represent your aesthetic to all of your clients and partners. Exalt offers an unparalleled, extensive line of forms and supplies for your front-of-house or back-end operations.

  • Vertical Retractable Banners

Our showstopping, retractable pop-up banners are durable, flexible, and portable, making them the ideal choice for your showroom floor and trade show needs alike.

  • Plastic PVC Signs

These matte, durable, lightweight signs are suitable for all indoor and outdoor applications. PVC signs are useful for directional signage, point of purchase displays, and display inserts. Thanks to their weather-resistant qualities and easy-to-store size, PVC signs remain useful year after year.

  • Posters and Banners

These cost-effective, tried-and-true advertising staples have retained their popularity because they ensure that your customers form a visual impression of your brand. Because people remember images longer than words and slogans, it’s always worth adding posters and banners to your advertising arsenal, and regularly replacing any that are showing signs of wear and tear.

  • Window Decals

Window decals will enable you to make the most of any of your available window space. Our static cling designs offer hassle-free application, as well as the ability to reposition your decals again and again.

If you run seasonal sales or recurring holiday promos, window decals can be an ideal way to promote them.

  • Magnetic Signs

Custom magnetic signs will transform your vehicles into promotional materials. Whether you have a fleet of company transportation, or simply want to advertise your privately-owned small business on your own car, Exalt Samples can design and manufacture a strong-hold magnetic sign just for you.

We are proud to create the best custom print advertising materials on the market. However, we won’t be satisfied until we’re able to serve as your one-stop-shop marketing website. Stay tuned; soon we’ll be announcing our ability to design and create shirts, water bottles, brochures, pens, and more!

Contact Exalt today to get started on your custom advertising material order.