The Best Showroom Displays for Laminate and Hardwood Flooring

best showroom displays
Do you have the best showroom displays for your laminate and hardwood flooring inventory?

It’s undeniable: even though the price of lumber is still up (with predictions of prices dropping [eventually]), homeowners love hard flooring more than ever before, leaving carpet consumption far behind. Hard flooring reduces dust, mold, bacteria, viruses, and allergens. It enhances the effect of light within the home, adding a gleam that appeals to the fastidious and time-scarce professionals who are best able to afford upscale homes. Still, affordable options like luxury vinyl plank and tile make this luxury appearance available to a broader market base.

Is your retail floor equipped with the best showroom displays for your laminate and hardwood flooring inventory? Let’s examine the top hard flooring trends of 2022 so you can evaluate your display effectiveness.

Rich Brown Hues

Ten years ago, warm mahogany, espresso, and ebony were out. Cool tones paired well with the taupe and cream minimalist interiors that dominated Instagram and Pinterest.

Now, individual expression has taken a turn toward vintage, with colorful 90s interiors rapidly gaining popularity. As a result, warm-toned, rich brown hardwood and LVP are back with a vengeance.

Imperfections that Add Character and an Organic Flair

What hasn’t changed this year is a desire for authentic botanical elements within the home. This trend combined with the premium price hardwood currently carries has made wood with imperfections and inclusions like mineral streams, knots, and irregular color in vogue.

Wood that is Smoked, Not Stained

Homeowners looking to bridge the gap between the muted hardwood of 2012 and the richly-stained hardwood of 2022 are loving smoked wood. This less-common finish can really capture your customers’ attention, though they may not know to ask for it by name—so put it at the forefront of your hardwood displays.

Wide Plank Hardwood

Shabby farmhouse chic is in decline, but wide plank hardwood and LVP is as popular as it was in 2017. While herringbone and chevron patterns are gaining in popularity, those who opt for a standard install are likely to consider wide planks.

The following Exalt Sample displays are ideal for showcasing your laminate and hardwood flooring offerings:

Pedestal Displays

Pedestal displays pack in a variety of samples without commanding a wide swath of your retail space.

Slot/Cradle Displays

These easy-to-browse displays are perfect for displaying a gradient of wood and wood-look flooring samples.

Waterfall Displays

Waterfall displays continue to be one of Exalt’s most popular display formats. This beautiful display is versatile and timeless.

Binder Displays

Binders are small in size but make a big impact on customers. Whether you want to give customers a hands-on experience in-store, or bring binders right to their home, these portable displays show your clients how beautiful their floors will look in natural light.

Exalt Samples can create any laminate and hardwood flooring sample displays you desire. Our gallery is packed with projects we’ve made in collaboration with our creative customers. Please browse through, then reach out to us with your display ideas today!