Backsplashes are King of the Kitchen in 2023

Consumer posts on Instagram, Facebook, and Reddit have made it clear: 2023 is the year of the backsplash. Intricate custom mosaics, bold herringbone patterns, and subtle honeycomb designs are among the many eye-catching trends taking center stage in the homes of kitchen remodelers this year.

Retailers, are your tile samples looking their absolute best? If not, you are likely going to miss out on significant transactions throughout the height of remodeling season this year. As you know, a single backsplash design can result in a transaction in the range of $1,000 to $5,000. Clearly, investing in your tile sample displays is a sound investment.

Let’s explore the four strongest backsplash design trends for 2023—and the sample displays that will make them pop in your retail space or direct sales lineup.

  1. Art Deco Designs

Art Deco designs are created with strong colors laid in complex geometric designs. This year, we’ll be seeing them used in modern and retro kitchens alike. Expect clients shopping for materials to create huge, counter-to-ceiling installations, standard backsplashes, and small detailing surrounding larger swathes of neutral tile.

Your tile sample displays for bold, Art Deco tiles should allow the full impact of the materials to greet your customers. Wing displays, waterfall displays, and sample boards are all excellent options.

  1. Tiny Tile Mosaics

Consumers looking to add custom details to their otherwise understated, modern kitchen are turning to intricate, tiny tile mosaics.

Your tile sample displays for tiny tile mosaics will serve you best if they contain larger panels of mosaics. Large waterfall sample displays and wing displays will give you space to show shoppers the full impact your product will have once installed.

  1. Ceiling-Height Backsplashes

No other tile backsplash has as much impact as the full, ceiling-height installation. This year, your clients who are embracing maximalism through full customization of their larger kitchens are going to be looking for gorgeous tiles to complete their standout spaces.

Your tile sample displays for your most luxurious, unique, and high-quality tiles should be as large as possible. While multiple configurations work beautifully for this application, larger, heavier tile displays should be easy to browse, sturdy, and complete with customized branding.

  1. Herringbone Formats

Offset subway tiles were all the rage from 2010 – 2018, but 2023 will be the year herringbone returns with a vengeance. Usually created from slightly variegated, muted tiles, this slanted installation is more about the layout than the tile itself.

Your tile sample displays of your smaller, rectangular tiles should feature herringbone layouts. Your customers will instantly recognize this design from their time browsing trending kitchen looks online. Each of our sample displays will work well here; the key will be in creating impeccable herringbone to complete them.

The Takeaway

Are your tile sample displays poised to take full advantage of these backsplash trends making huge waves in 2023? Contact Exalt Samples today, and we’ll help create the displays that will ensure visitors to your retail space are captivated by your best tile offerings throughout this year and beyond.