Are You Showcasing New Product Launches Effectively?

As owners, operators, or marketing managers of building materials businesses, you’ve entered the planning phase for new products launching in 2023. However, if there’s one reliable rule about new product launches, it is that they will fail without the right marketing. At Exalt Samples, we have one question this fall: do you have a plan in place that will effectively showcase new product launches?

Read on to learn more about how our sample displays are uniquely suited for the needs of building materials businesses, no matter which niche you occupy in this vast section of our nation’s economy.

No time is more crucial than the first launch of any new product. Because you’re in an industry that experiences a wave of new product launches each spring, you’re tasked with creating successful marketing tactics that are both evergreen and adaptable to new trends.

While social media, networking, a skilled sales team, and strategic product selections are certainly crucial aspects of your marketing efforts, Exalt Samples provides another: beautiful and customizable sample displays for all building materials.

Our sample displays are featured in both big-box retail stores and independently owned and operated stores throughout the United States. By choosing displays from among our vast gallery, you’re guaranteed a final product that will put your retail space on a level playing field with any competitors in your region!

Whether your focus for 2023 will be eco-friendly materials, fresh infusions of color, or improved composition over materials from previous years, the following displays will highlight the factors that will lead customers to place their orders with you.

Hardwood Flooring 

Hardwood flooring is at once perfectly on-trend and timelessly elegant, so you will doubtless wish to make this favorite choice stand out if you’re a flooring retailer. We recommend large binders for portability, our compact waterfall racks for maximum impact in smaller spaces, and our larger waterfall racks to give your customers a comprehensive look at the finishes available. Turnable book displays are classic because they naturally invite your customer to interact, which is vital in securing a sale.

Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

Despite the appeal of hardwood flooring, it isn’t suitable for all uses, budgets, and lifestyles. When your customer wants the convenience of easy-care, durable flooring with the luster of hardwood, LVP is an ideal solution. LVP can be showcased with the same displays we recommend for hardwood, especially if the line you’re spotlighting offers robust click vinyl.


Tile is a gorgeous material that is more popular in 2022 than it’s been in recent memory. Still, tile is heavy, fragile, and must be displayed with care. Our sturdy cradle displays are ideal for this purpose, yet they allow your customers the opportunity to lift even large single tiles to examine them.

Natural Stone, Marble, and Granite

Natural building materials are planning to steal the show in 2023, and we have the displays to show off the versatility and beauty of natural stone. When you wish to showcase the many ways natural materials can be cut and installed, a display of collection panels can’t be beat.

Roofing Materials

 Despite roofing materials usually being viewed from at least fifteen feet below, homeowners are always going to want to see and touch them before making a purchase. Our roofing material displays can be crafted in portable styles, which builders love for presenting to clients on-site.

The Takeaway

No matter the size of your business, the nature of your new product launches, or the setting in which your physical samples will be used, Exalt Samples can make a world of difference. Contact us today, and we’ll work with you to select the sample displays that will take your new product launch to the next level.